Appalachian Culture and Female Newspaper Editors’ Career Paths in West Virginia

As women across West Virginia continue to ascend the editorial ranks of newspapers in the state, it's important to study how they obtained their positions and what role culture - Appalachian and others - has played in the process. Women in West Virginia are on par with the national average for placement in top editor positions, despite West Virginia tending to lag behind the rest of the nation in development. That lack of advancement, in terms of technology, has actually led to what the women believe is a closeness among the Community - a quality beneficial to Community journalism. The sense of Community, in a number of varieties, has played a role in the career paths of female editors. Ten women in high editorial positions at newspapers in West Virginia were interviewed, and the results were analyzed using Grounded Theory Methodology. Read more

[Presented AEJMC 2014; published in "Community Journalism" Volume 4, Issue 2]


Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing

Snapchat: Higher education’s new key to current and prospective student engagement

Snapchat is the fastest growing social media platform and attracts a young, high school- and college-aged audience – one crucial to higher education. While some institutions in higher education struggled with implementing a Snapchat strategy due to its controversial reputation, difficult user interface and ever-evolving content, this mobile platform has a large opportunity to captivate a difficult-to-reach audience. This paper details how to higher education can approach Snapchat using West Virginia University's strategy to engage with prospective and current studentsRead more

[Published in "Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing" Spring 2016, Volume 1 Number 1]